Going beyond “Narratives” vs. “Competencies”: A model of history education


Poor Québec history program! It is going through another round of ministerial revisions. This time, the competency-based approach of the current course of study was deemed “too radical.” In a recent report to the Minister of Education entitled “The meaning of history,” Jacques Beauchemin and Nadia Fahmy-Eid recommended to “reconcile the history program with its national framework” by reinstating the “narrative structure” into the organization of the program.



A national framework for history in school

The actual course of study, the authors claimed, lacks coherence and chronology and hinders the development of a “sense of shared memory.”[1] The response of the educational community came fast and furious.


Quelle: http://public-history-weekly.oldenbourg-verlag.de/4-2016-12/going-beyond-narratives-vs-competencies-model-understanding-history-education/