A Plea for Historytelling in the Classroom


In recent years – not least because of the triumphant march of (by now inflationary) competency models – the didactics of history has focused on the deconstruction of historical narratives. Of course, there are several good reasons for this, because historical master narratives are suitable for political exploitation, for example, when creating national identity. Nevertheless, history teaching needs historytelling.




Why history teaching needs historytelling

Nevertheless, historical narratives should not be ignored in history lessons because they enable individuals to structure the complexity of the world. By this I mean the processing of new experiences whereby – according to Richard Rorty’s conception of contingency – individuals create cognitive systems that refer to the past and to the future.


Quelle: http://public-history-weekly.oldenbourg-verlag.de/4-2016-9/plea-historytelling-classroom/