#scico2.0 From Science 2.0 to Pharma 3.0. Semantic Search and Social Media in the Pharmaceutical industry and STM Publishing

https://books.google.de/books?id=3ABEAgAAQBAJ Science 2.0 uses the resources of Web 2.0 to communicate between scientists, and with the general public. Web 3.0, in turn, has brought disruptive technologies such as semantic search, cloud computing and mobile applications into play. The term Pharma 3.0 anticipates the future relationship between drug makers and doctors with their patients in light […]

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Die Wiederentdeckung der Renaissance-Apotheke auf Schloss Colditz

Rediscovering the Renaissance pharmacy of Colditz Castle


In 1603, the dowager Electress Sophie of Brandenburg left the Saxon court at Dresden to move to her Witwensitz Colditz Castle. At Colditz, she had large parts of the former palace of Frederick the Wise (1517-1525) rebuilt. Sophie gave top priority to the construction of a new pharmacy. The records of the court’s financial administration describe this new pharmacy building in detail. Thus, we could show that the so-called “Beamtenhaus” (housing the Fluchtmuseum) is in fact Sophie’s pharmacy of 1603. The staircase of the new building connected the female living quarters with the newly established pleasure garden.

Als Kurfürst Christian I. von Sachsen 1591 verstarb, war seine Gattin Sophie von Brandenburg gerade 23 Jahre alt. Zusammen mit Friedrich-Wilhelm von Sachsen-Weimar übernahm sie die Regierung für ihren noch minderjährigen Sohn Christian II.


Quelle: http://hofkultur.hypotheses.org/60