A Visual History of the Great Lakes of Africa

Kahigi of Kianja, Foto: Johanssen (1915),

The visual history of Africa, notably for the 19th century, is still an under-researched topic. Although we had a certain turn towards photographs in recent years, many archives are not fully discovered, many even not really known. If you ever came to an archive and ask for photographs, you will, if you are in luck and they have some, often be confronted with collections of photographs that are not sorted or indexed. Many photographs are lacking any substantial information, when and where the picture was taken, by whom and what and who is on these pictures. This is also the case for many pictures I have in my collection. I hope by posting these pictures that people help me to get more information to contextualize these photographs.

The idea for this blog came after a talk with Prof.


Quelle: https://www.visual-history.de/2015/05/19/a-visual-history-of-the-great-lakes-of-africa/

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