Lecture Digital Humanities: Job perspectives | Vorlesung Digital Humanities: Berufliche Perspektiven. Ein Beitrag zum #dayofDH2020

German Version below.

This is the second time that we are devoting this lecture to the topic of job perspectives and career opportunities in the Digital Humanities. We feel that this is timely because despite the fact that the number of DH courses of higher education, professorships and departments has risen steeply and despite the fact that digitality and research data are very topical in the research community as well as in society at large, many pupils, teachers and students are finding it difficult to identify prospective jobs and potential employers in this domain. What is more, the Digital Humanities are not associated with any of the core subjects taught in schools. In order to help narrow the gap between the university and the vocational sphere, this lecture which is aimed at students of ‘Digital Philology’ and ‘Literary and Linguistic Computing’, but is also open for the rest of the university, seeks to provide an overview of the Digital Humanities and what they have to offer. In order to widen the perspective, we are also inviting colleagues from different areas – libraries, archives, publishing houses, companies and research institutions etc. – to contribute their perspective on job opportunities in the field.

The topic of the lecture is digitality as future and aims to show career paths in the Digital Humanities.


Quelle: https://dhd-blog.org/?p=13523