Wikibase Inspiration Panel at WikidataCon, Berlin, 2019-10-25

The recent WikidataCon in Berlin had a special panel on Wikibase installations outside Wikidata. Below the video recording of the session embedded from

This is the list of the talks with the list of the speakers:

  1. Anila Angjeli + Benjamin Bober, Assessing Wikibase as the core of the French National Entities file
  2. Barbara Fischer + Sarah Hartmann, Authority control meets Wikibase – The German National Library and Wikimedia Deutschland Quest
  3. David Fichtmueller, Using Wikibase as a Platform to Develop a Semantic Biodiversity Standard
  4. Stuart Prior, Wikibase and building a community in Artists’s Publishing
  5. Olaf Simons, Using a Wikibase platform outside the Wikidata environment – why it is cool and where things get difficult

  6. [...]