The first volume of the Thuringian pastor’s book (1500–1920) as a Wikibase data set German version via Google Translate

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In a tremendous effort of a year’s of work, Heino Richard of the Genealogical Society of Thuringia e.V., step by step translated the first volume of the Thuringian Pastors’ Books (the volume for the former Duchy of Gotha) into data which we could now feed into FactGrid: More than 13,300 database objects are stemming from this work allowing now entirely new explorations of the territory’s social and religious history. We as curious about the joint ventures this work might inspire. There is no reason to fear that the database version will render all further work on the paper-based volumes obsolete, the platform might, however, offer itself to the editors of the Pfarrerbuch as an unexpected aid.

The eight volumes cover all the parishes of the former Thuringian territories from the Reformation to the 20th century. A first survey is prefixed in each volume to give all the all the parishes and offices with lists of the pastors and auxiliaries who held the respective offices. The main part is in each volume devoted to the individual biographies.